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Booking Request for Apartments Havelska 10, Prague

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Credit Card Order Guarantee
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  • Please note we do not charge provided credit card because you pay directly at the apartment on your arrival in CZK or EUR cash.
  • However, a valid Credit Card serves as your booking request guarantee only to the apartment owners - if you do not cancel in time, do not show or cause other damage, the apartment owners itself will charge provided CC for refunds then and only then.
  • Students groups, stag parties may be required to pay a deposit (up to full charge). Details to be delivered upon request.
  • The Apartment owner reserves the right to check provided Credit Card for its validity and pre-block 1st night charge as your booking request guarantee. This pre-blocking will disappear within 1 day to 2 weeks automatically (as it depends on CC issuer bank policy).
  • Finally, we can not make a final, valid and secured reservation for you without it.
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